Today was one of those days that I broke.  I am tired & done. I am tired of the division in the world today.  This is not at all a political piece but rather a piece that may just help one person not feel alone.  I have always been a person that hates confrontation, it causes a lot of anxiety for me.  Where most people would say “Don’t worry about it, move on!” I really struggle with that, and I am trying every day to be able to just “move on”! But today I am not there yet.  I realize there never has been and never will be that everyone agrees with everyone, and that’s ok.  But can we just be KIND to each other, regardless of what “side” they are on.  I need to be on social media for both of my businesses, otherwise I would walk away from it to give me some breathing room.  The division has ruined families and friendships and I am tired of it.  I have no problem with people posting on social media about what their view is, go for it, but do it with kindness.  And if you decide to comment on someone else’s post that you may not agree with, do it with KINDNESS. 

February 23rd is pink shirt day to raise awareness for anti-bullying.  It is something that has been really promoted in schools which is amazing, but I think especially in times like this, it needs to be acknowledged by us adults. We are all struggling with what is going on in some form or another and one thing I know for sure is that division will not help anyone!  So please regardless of what you are posting or saying to someone please remember BE KIND.